Courses of Studies

The aim of Maharishi Educational Organization is to bring up Maharishi Vidya Mandir as a model School with special emphasis on all round personality development accomplished through the introduction of the Science of Creative Intelligence and Transcendental Meditation and TM Siddhi Programme along with Public School Education based on CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Curriculum. It is a Co-educational Day School where students of KG to Std VII receive education.

The academic year begins in April and ends in March. The School fulfills the need of all segments of society across the world. The Medium of Instruction is English. Special attention is given to Future achievers to enable them to perform well in academics.

The Curriculum is based on the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and conduct classes to fulfill the needs of all segments of society in all parts of the country.

The Medium of Instruction is English which ia also the First Language.

Kindergarten : PRE KG TO UKG

The Educational programmes followed by our KG section are child oriented, focusing around play and activities and fostering nutrition, health, social, mental, moral and emotional development of the child through the methodology known as "AKSHAYA" (Play way Methodology).

The fundamental purpose of Kindergarten is to give value based education and develop all round personality of the children by inculcating good habits, moral values and discipline.

The qualitative and value based education is taught to students through Transcendental meditation, Pranayama, Yogasanas and TM-Siddhi Program, in addition to Bhagawad Gita, Upanishads, Vedic Scriptures and Ithikasas.

Smart Classrooms: Each Kindergarten student undergoes interactive sessions with the help of smart boards daily and builds a rapport between the teacher and the child. ] New Rhymes, Stories and Good Habits are learnt by children.

Specially designed activity books are prepared by the trained MVM KG teachers exclusively for the children, which is revised periodically.

In case of any behavioral problem, counseling session is arranged and follow up action is taken.

Primary Level: Classes I to V

Students are trained to comprehend the languages and fundamental concepts of mathematics and science. Importance is also given to the overall development of personality of the students. Subjects taught are:

(i) English
(ii) Second Language: Tamil / Hindi
(iii) Third Language: Tamil / Hindi (From Std. V only)
(iv) Mathematics
(v) General Science
(vi) Social Science
(vii) Computer Science
(viii) Physical Education
(ix) Arts / Crafts
(x) Value Education / General Knowledge
(xi) Life Skills
(xii) Robotics

Middle Level: Classes VI to VIII

Students are motivated to face the board examination of classes X and XII with confidence. Personality development being an important process, emphasis is laid on the relevant activities. Subjects taught are:

(i) English
(ii) Second Language: Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit
(iii) Third Language: Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit
(iv) Mathematics
(v) Integrated Science: - Physics, Chemistry & Biology
(vi) Social Science: - History and Civics - Geography
(vii) Computer Science
(viii) Work Experience / Arts / Crafts
(ix) Physical Education
(x) Environmental Science / Value Education
(xi) Life Skills
(xii) Robotics

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