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school will work on all days except Sundays and Government Holidays.
Each day is divided into two sessions
i.e. Morning and Afternoon sessions.

Pre KG to LKG : 8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon
UKG to VIII Std : 8:30 AM to 3:45 PM
However, the school may observe timings suitable to local conditions.

Courses of Studies
Kindergarten : LKG & UKG ( 3-4 respectively)

The educational programmes followed by our KG section are child oriented, focussing around play way methods and fostering nutrition, health, social, mental, moral and emotional development of the child.

The fundamental purpose of kindergarten is to give value based education and develop all round personality of the children by inculcating good habits, moral values and discipline.

Audio Visual Class: Each room has a Smart Board through which interactive session are held in each class and rapport between the teacher and the children are built. New rhymes, stories and good habits ate learnt by children.

Specially designed activity sheets are prepared by the trained KG teachers exclusively for the children, which is revised periodically.

In case of any behavioural problem, counselling session is arranged and follow up action is taken.

PRIMARY LEVEL : Class I to V ( 5-9 Year respectively)

Students are trained to comprehend the languages and fundamental concepts of mathematics and science. Importance is also given to the overall development of personality of the students.

Subjects taught are:

A.   English

B.   Second language: Tamil / Hindi

C.   Third language : Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit / French

D.   Mathematics

E.   General Science

F.   Social Science

G.   Computer Science

H.   Physical Education

I.   Art / Craft

J.   Value Education / General Knowledge

K.   Life Skill

L.   Robotics

Middle Level : Classes VI to VIII (10-12 Years Respectively)

Students are equipped to face the challenges of the highly competitive education scenario through consistently updated curriculum and advanced technology in teaching methods, Subjects taught are

A.   English

B.   Second language: Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit /French

C.   Third language : Tamil / Hindi / Sanskrit / French

D.   Mathematics

E.   Integrated Science
     Physics    Chemistry     Biology

F.   Social Science
     History and Civics    Geography

G.   Computer Science

H.   Work Experience / Art / Craft

I.   Physical Education

J.   Environmental Science / Value Education

K.   Life Skills

L.   Robotics

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